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For over 40 years, TermQuote® has helped thousands of people locate and purchase low-cost life insurance coverage. TermQuote® continually monitors the life insurance market and works with only the most competitive, highly-rated insurance companies. The TermQuote® process helps match clients with insurance companies that offer the best rates based on the policy desired and their health qualifications. TermQuote® has been recommended by personal finance author’s Suze Orman, Jane Bryant Quinn, and Ginita Wall. TermQuote® has also been mentioned in O: The Oprah Magazine, and Redbook Magazine.

TermQuote’s staff prides themselves on providing accurate, non-biased information to help their clients choose and purchase the best life insurance coverage for their individual needs.  TermQuote® wants to make the proces of applying for life insurance coverage as easy as possible. Therefore, TermQuote® allows their clients to apply and communicate with their servicing agent using the tools/method that is best for them.  Applications can now be obtained through email, phone, fax, or mail.

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